Once your prototype has been manufactured and all parties are satisfied with their initial inspections, you’ll need to test the function and performance of your product. Some products will need 3rd party certifications. These certifications may mandate special types of testing that require advanced knowledge of the certification standards to be applied. Public authorities or government organizations may enforce certification of products in areas concerning food safety, noise regulation, public health, vehicles, and shipping. 

Example #1: Lifting Shackle

For this and other types of lifting gear, a pull test is typically executed and then followed by an appropriate inspection to ensure that the structure has not deformed, cracked, or yielded under the applied load. In this case, we would locate a provider to perform the pull test and post-test inspection. Typical post-test Inspections include magnetic particle, dye penetrant, and ultrasonic testing. We would also help you define the criteria to use for pass/fail determination.

Example #2: “5 Minute Tent”

Let’s say you have a new tent design that will allow users to setup in under 5 minutes. To prove the product meets this performance goal, you’ll need a test. We might recommend creating a control group from your target demographic and having them perform the setup under reasonable and consistent conditions. The tests would be witnessed and validated by a 3rd party.

Does your product require certification or are your own testing requirements sufficient? How do you begin setting up something like this? Dominarc specializes in answering these questions and putting the plan into action. We can arrange for testing offsite or at your own facility. In either case, we will help you procure what is needed to test your product. Call us for more information. 


  • Brainstorm the type of testing to use and the required data outputs
  • Generate a test plan
  • Source the appropriate facilities and providers to perform the test
  • Orchestrate the test in the presence of all required witnesses
  • Generate a test report and have it signed by all required witnesses


  • Customized test plan
  • Design(s) of any testing equipment created
  • Customized test report